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Adobe is aware of recent reports that exploits are being used in limited, targeted attacks. Adobe advises users to update their flash to make sure their system is not vulnerable to attacks. Hackers use these vulnerabilities to infect users’ system, which is why Adobe constantly releases updates -- it’s a vicious cycle.

Let me assure you that this is not an issue with our player, system, or ad server. However, as a station listener, we understand the severity of this possible vulnerability.

Here is a little breakdown.

- Most, if not all, ads are flash-based. If your flash is not updated, your system is vulnerable to an attack via any flash-based ad.  Many websites use flash, including Mountain Country.

- This will happen on any website serving flash ads a user visits if flash is not updated (when there are vulnerabilities to Adobe flash, it becomes an industry wide and worldwide issue).

Make sure you are on the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Adobe has recently released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh, ChromeOS, and Linux.

These updates address vulnerabilities that could potentially allow a remote attacker to take control of the affected system. Please review  Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player and apply the necessary updates.