Impossible Question

Q: In the late 70’s it seemed like the thing to do and it still feels good today! Up, down but don’t delay! It can hit the spot or be really awkward. It’s a celebration!

A: High 5!!

Q: Most have 2, some have 4, for a few, there’s one more. Steep or deep! A or M. It can lead to over confidence.

A: Drivetrain!

Q: Could have been a tire, fit for a queen. First sunk in the late 1800’s but perfected in the 1940’s, there’s even a well known song about it! (even a song on Mountain Country mentioning it!) Need to raise money, well you can even race ’em!

A: Rubber Ducky!

Q: They travel at an average of 100 MPH, what is it?

A: Sneeze!

Q: The average cost of owning one of these is just over $14,000

A: A Dog!

Q: It’s been free for 100 years, there are 2 types.

A: Radio! (AM & FM)

Q: 85% of say they won’t do this this holiday season, you deserve it.

A: Buy yourself a present!

Q: Originally it cost us .02, today you’d be lucky to get one for $10,000, maybe millions!

A: 1 Acre of Alaska

Q: During the past few months, sales for these have been on the rise 150%

A: Bread cookbooks!

Q: Looking for this is up 200% or more compared to last year. Less than 5% under the age of 30 have one.

A: A vacation home!

Q: A few people started putting them on in the 70’s, today almost everyone does, you could say it started in the 1500’s.

A: Wearable technology!

Q: What is it that almost everyone does 20 times, the most you can do it 52 times

A: Lose your natural teeth!

Q: It takes a billion seconds.

A: To travel to the nearest “Earth like” planet!

Q: Its one of the very first things but it has 2 parts and that’s something that most people forget. You need it.

A: Communication!

Q: Willy is known for the sea, his grandfather for the state capitol. This little buddy never seemed to get it right!

A: Bob Denver!

Q: It’s quickly risen to be the second most popular alternative… It’s safer for allergy sufferers and more environmentally friendly than the “real’ thing.

A: Oat Milk!

Q: Its really small but there are over 400 ways to use it. It’s a place, a thing, part of a jig, in math, science, sports and so much more, 3 letters!

A: the word “SET”

Q: Its started in Japan in the 1960’s, now we feel them around the world, what are they?

A: Sidewalk brail or truncated domes!

Q: You see them all the time, but rarely notice one, if you get the answer, you get the point, they all come together.


Q: In the pyramids first, still a cornerstone in almost every restaurant, you can eat em, we don’t all say it the same, you likely had them, have them, or will have them in your home, its the bees knees!

A: Crayon!

Q: Tell us the one with 8×1. They roam.

A: Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo!

Q: Originally meant to be decorative its real purpose was discovered later, still, provides fun even when its done!

A: Bubble wrap!

Q: You can add one but must also remove it to do it.

A: Hokey Pokey!

Q: It began about 200BC and is billions strong today, so you’re saying there’s a chance….

A: The Lotto!

Q: You are born with just two of them, you develop others on your own.

A: Fears!

Q: There was gold and this is where all the fun started

A: Gold Hill Mesa!

Q: It has an eye on you, some think they are harry but they are not, a ton 80 is the most you can get from one.

A: Dartboard!

Q: It can be hidden, often it is ignored, it is exactly what it says it is, small but powerful!

A: Fine Print!

Q: Vegetarians love veggies, these plant lovers get the plants most can’t.

A: Giraffes!

Q: What does a turtle and skier/snowboarder have in common?

A: A shell!

Q: It is where it says it is, but it’s not one. Its on top! Birds had ’em first, the answer is in this clue!

A: Top Knot!

Q: They were first in space, some people are afraid of them, mostly water, they may even help you lose weight!

A: Jalapeño pepper!

Q: They are really cute, also very strong and powerful!

A: Ponies!

Q: With one moon and one sun, it’s spun round more than any other, it’s really sticky, lots of descriptions, but there is only one (You know it well). Most often experienced with a float in a boat, its kind of annoying in a loving way.

A: “It’s a small world” song as featured on the ride at Disney!

Q: The name made sense back then, but now there is only 1 of them, been lonely since the mid 40’s, they come from Mars.

A: Three Musketeers bar!

Q: At almost 4 miles tall, it’s the center of lots of speculation. It’s about 230,000 miles away, what is it?

A: Glass towers on the moon!

Q: It can fly high with eagles but its stuck at the bottom, it might move, just not on its own, you can touch it but you can’t feel it.

A: Shadow!

Q: It can be faster than us but can also be slower than taking a drive to the park.

A: Speed of light!

Q: It gets hotter once its gets cold.

A: Salsa!

Q: The Energizer bunny keeps going and going, these keep growing and growing. They are as tough as iron.

A: Beaver Teeth!
Q: These happy cowboys came out of Colorado in 1949. Their namesake was to remind everyone of Western hospitality.
A: Jolly Ranchers!
Q: Most people spend 1000 hours doing this, take 4-5 years to learn it, various ways to do it, they came out with a way around it in 1968,  what is it?
A:  Tying your shoes!
Q: Hold it in your hand, hold it with your fingers, but don’t do it at a stop light. Water. Ice. Tooth
A: Pick!
Q: It was created on a laptop, and changed the world, Before windows, before the internet, we wouldn’t have today without its inventor,  What is it?
A: The Declaration Of Independence!
Q: For 100 years, this family has been delighting people worldwide, 100,000,000 million a day. Brightest here in the USA, like a rainbow, stamped but not for the mail.
A: Haribo Family! (Gummy treats!)
Q: It’s got teeth but not much of bite, one way or another, what is it?
A: Ratchet or Socket!
Q: 10 billion in the US Annually but Canada has the most though
A: Donuts and donut shops!
Q: Originally from the Caribbean, Its roots are deepest in the US, what is it?
Q: Started with a sermon and took over 60 years to become law, worry not, you only have to practice this law once a year, what is it?
A: Fathers day!
Q: The average American spends nearly a week every year doing this, what is it?
A: Lawn care!
Q: Less than 10 have gotten 5, a local spot is named after one of them, the 5 are different than the other 4, what are they?
A: 5 star Generals
Q: This made its way to store shelves in the 20’s, now globally it’s a $70 billion dollar industry and a variety as colorful as the rainbow!
A: Baby food!
Q: It happens everyday, everywhere, but it happened in Colorado first. Its now cost nearly $1 Trillion, some are big, others are small, most likely Friday in October.
A: Car accidents!
Q: Since the Bronze Age, they have helped us hold things together, what are they?
A: Belts!
Q: You do this more once you’re a little older, there are 3 types, you have to think about it to think about it. Women do it more than men, Kenny Chesney, what is it?
A: Blink!
Q: Almost 20% of all Americans have done this, simplicity to complexity. The plane, the plane.
A: Get a tattoo
Q: In most cases there are two of them, but only one is needed if it’s the Denver one. Ruining days since the 1950’s.
A: The Denver boot! (Like the one on the tire for expired tickets!)
Q: You can’t see them, but they can save your life and they help you enjoy it too, 2 to 4,000 of them, what are they?
A: Taste buds!
Q: With over 20 million fans, its finally getting a front row seat.
A: E-Sports!
Q: You’re good if it’s 7.3
A: PH of the body!
Q: For this to wake you up, No heat for 12-24 hours is required.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>
A: Cold Brew Coffee!
Q: $350,000 for 6 months work, not bad to be #1 in the world for over 70 years. Alfred Hitchcock has nothing on this.
A: Royal Gorge Bridge!
Q:1/4 of people are doing this because of Coronavirus
A: Online streaming for video games!
Q: They are what they do, they do what they are, there may be more, but to win, name four.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>
A) Doctor, nurse, engineer, pilot
Q: No matter how hard you try, you’ll only get the result you’re after 20% of the time, it certainly is a pressing issue, you can’t simply close the door on it.
A: Close button on elevator!
Q: Many things have closed, and now reopened, this was huge, it was opened and now closed!<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>
A: Hole in the ozone!
Q: Scraps from the guy next door created this industry on accident. it’s extremely noteworthy.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>
A) Post It Note
Q: In the past 10 years, there has been about a 10% increase in people doing this, cuts the grocery bill in half, might make you more productive, yo never have to ask, “Whats for dinner” what is it?
A:Living by yourself
Q: In 15 years, it has grown to 145 Billion annually, keep it quick, what is it?
A: Tweets on Twitter!
Q: This is the latest trend to go on demand, what is it?
A: Fitness!
Q: Last year Gen X’ers spent the most doing this, what is it?
A: Money on dating!
Q: Almost 75% of people are choosing this for better health, what is it?
A: Plant based diet!
Q: To perform at your best you need 150-170 of these, turn it up, what are they?
A: Musical Beats per minute!
Q: After several attempts, it finally happened in 1820, it was the key to inspire millions. What is it?
A: Summit of Pikes Peak!
Q: Its gotten easier to do this with you whole family over the past few years, you gotta check in to check it out! what is it?
A: Checking in to a hotel with your pet!
Q: Name the communication method that is only used by one person, its kind of a secret code, not for us commoners!
A: The Queen of Englands handbag or purse!
Q: Delving into this can help you live longer, what is it?
A: The arts!
Q: 3 billion dollars for a half dozen, they won’t last forever, all about that sunshine, what are they?
A: The Mars Rovers!
Q: This modern art form has 2 types, name it and the two types, it just depends on how you see yourself, what is it?
A: Selfies, Mirror and Self!
Q: 70% of people say this option would make them shop at the store more often, what is it?
A: Digital wallet, or pay by phone!
Q: Never still, always moving, it’s not one of the 3 states of matter, what is it?
A: Fire!
Q: Rooted in greek mythology, it made its formal appearance in the States in the early 1800’s, Robin Hood made it famous, but a US president used it first, this is where the stars are always shining, what is it?
<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>A: The Red Carpet!</span>
Q: A mistake made in the early 1900’s is still providing convenience today, what is it?
A: Tea bags!
Q: Debuting in the 1950’s, it was inspired by grandma recognizing the sabbath, what is it?
A: Crockpot!
Q: This know-it-all was inspired by those who would boldly go where no one has gone before, who is it?
A: Amazon Alexa!
Q: Thursday is the most common day for doing this, what is it?
A: Have a baby!
Q: Everyone does this, but men think they are better at it than women, what is it?
A: Lying!
Q: About 60% of us have inherited one of these, only good once per year?
A: Christmas traditions!
Q: Its been assumed since the late 1800’s but has never been proven, some have been caught, others have been freed, you can leave one, but you’ll never run out, what is it?
A: That all finger prints are unique, or non are the same.
Q: 2 decades ago, this was considered a major investment, what was it?
A: Beanie Babies!
Q: We spend $16 Billion on it each year, a short one is ok, a long one can take a toll, what is it?
A: Daily commute
Q: The name implies an incorrect method, they literally have Native American roots, hot or cold, popular in the UK for breakfast, what are they?
A: Baked Beans!
Q: You probably did it as a baby but 1/3 od adults still hold on, what is it?
A: Sleep with a baby Blanket or stuffy.
Q: Over 1/2 of millennial say this is damaging their health, what is it?
A: Their jobs!
Q: It’s easy and that’s why about 75% more people plan to do it this year, they are handy but many are never used, what is they?
A: Electronic Gift Cards!
Q: Next year will mark 100 years since this tradition started, 3 letters, what is it?
A: NFL Thanksgiving games!
Q: 7,500 is the average need for both types initially, there’s a big debate about it, what are they?
A: Diapers!
Q: Low in the bad stuff, high in the good stuff and almost totally inclusive, of all the others, its the most popular, what is it?
A: Almond Milk!
Q: The original model is very handy but others have dated back 3,000 years, made from various materials, some may not be dentist recommended, what is it?
A: Pacifier!
Q: The juice is the main concern when it comes to getting one of these, what is it?
A: A new smartphone!
Q: 40% of Americans sat they will do this on thanksgiving day, what is it?
A: Shopping! (Again)
Q: 2/3 of Americans say this is a great way to relieve stress, what is it?
A: Shopping!
Q: Expected to be the #1 health trend for 2020, you can count on it, what is it?
A: Fitness trackers!
Q: Irish veggies brought about this entire industry, hand tools and now power tools are involved, what is it?
A: Jack-o-lanterns!
Q:Its the best you can hope for, what is it?
A: To die in your sleep
Q: Once a year it appears to go backwards, but doesn’t, what is it?
A: Mars!
Q: Boomers do this more often than other but millennials are better at it.
A: Tipping!
Q: Among the many other things it does, it creates smells, what is it?
Q: Over the past 10 years or so, this has gained in popularity, with over 300,000 people joining in the past year alone, there are several different styles, there’s lots of gear involved, what is it?
A: Fishing!
Q: It’s a real thing but no one can draw a picture of of one, you can be in one or out, on or off, you can’t see the end, you do see parts of them all the time, what is it?
A: Continuous Line!!
Q: These could wrap around the earth twice, what are they?
A: Blood Vessels!
Q: Okay to look at from a distance, dangerous if you get too close, doesn’t get much stronger than this, what is it?
A: A black hole!
Q:Here in the Springs, we have all of them, but everyone has at least 1, but there are 5, what are they?
A: Olympic Rings!
Q: In this high tech world, this low tech tradition still rules, they come in two major types, what is it?
A: Books!
Q: This is one of the fastest ways to lose 10 pounds, you have to be focused, what is it?
A: Drive in a NASCAR race!
Q: A real one is good for you but a fake one could be bad for you, if you give one, you’ll probably get one, what is it?
A: A smile
Q: 3 out of 4 homes have one, you can do it the hard way or the easy way, what is it?
A: Grills!
Q: 1/4 of all households have done this in the past month, its all about convenience, what is it?
A: Online grocery shopping!
Q: They are slow and you will have to pay to capture them, soon we will be inundated with them, chances are you haven’t seen one yet, what are they?
A: Slofies! (iPhone feature)
Q: These drop everyday at 4pm, the first one was in Paris, what are they?
A: Hotel rates
Q: It makes its appearance annually and it is everywhere in everything
A: Pumpkin Spice
Q: it came from the mines long ago, could still be explosive today, once only stationary, things changed when it became mobile, rigid or flexible, what is it?
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A: Tacos!
Q: With lower cost and more freedom, these are more readily available than ever, it’s not your everyday kind, you can’t do anything with it unless you know what to do with it, there is no key, they are great for traveling the world, it’s more secure than it sounds, It’s different from the universal one, what are they?
A: Unlocked cell phone!
Q: Almost a dozen feet high, size of a couple pickups, what is it?
A: An Elephant!
July 30th
Q: Originally from the islands, really took hold on the plains, what is it?
A: Steel Guitar!
July 26th-30th
Q: Going back to the 6th century, these are making a comeback, one of the most popular ones came about in 1935, with so many options, you won’t get bored, what are they?
A: Board Games!
July 25th
Q: 50 teeth with pups, what is it?
A: Great White Shark!
July 24th
Q: You can spell it but it’s not a word, what is it?
A: Acronym!
July 18th-23rd
Q: About 1/4 of these are not what you think they are, some people do, some people don’t, could be a noun could be a verb, what is it?
A: Fish!
July 17th
Q: A good idea to keep good ideas, and fashionable. What is it?
A: HelHat
July 16th
Q: It took 3 for 3 to arrive.
A: Apollo 11
July 15th
Q: The 1st of its kind, it’s distinctive shape has been recognized all over the world. What is it?
A: 747 or Jumbo jet!
July 12th
Q: A couple types, 160 ways to describe,  can even take up to 40 gallons.
A: Camels!
July 11th
Q: You would normally enjoy some, unless its thrown at you, what is it?
A: Shade!
July 9th-10th
Q: It takes 20,000 a year to keep 1 going, the 20,000 comes from the green one, what is it?
A: Commercial vehicle!
July 8th
Q: Closely tied to Colorado after its vague beginings, additions were made until the mid 1900’s, what is it?
A: The Rodeo!
July 3rd
Q: The norm is 60 to 100 but usually the lower, the better.
A: Resting heart rate!
July 1st-2nd
Q: More than half of people 18-25 did something old school last week, they had to go somewhere to do it, what was it?
A: Going to the mall!
June 27th
Q: Last year an over 25% increase in sprucing up, looks easier on TV,  where is it?
A: The kitchen! (Renovation)
June 25th-27th
Q: 1/3rd the speed of sound and 10X better, let loose when on display, what is it?
A: Falcon!
June 24th
Q: Some are excited, some are sad, its a new beginning for 10K per day, what is it?
A: Retirement!
June 20th-21st
Q: Good, fatty and prehistoric. Once used to keep  your helicopter clean.
A: Walnuts!
June 18th
Q: The first was a mystery, since then it’s been perfected just once.
A: Bull riding!
June 13th-17th
Q: This uncomfortable access to comfort hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, iron, concrete or both, heavy, but not too heavy for a turtle, what is it?
A: Manhole cover!
June 10th-12th
Q: What is the only with only one, 23, North East
A: Maine!
June 4th-7th
Q: The I can see where the north runs into the south, no visitors, drenched in sun, just outside the boundary, **Its electric**   Planes trains and automobiles, what is it?
A: The South Gate entrance of the Air Force Academy!
May 30th-June 3rd
Q: Dating back over 3,000 years, it goes by a couple names; head, shoulders, knees and toes, used to rely on good sportsmanship alone.
A: Soccer
May 28th-29th
Q: It looks like it’s still, but it’s moving, conditions have to be perfect…..what could it be?
A: Laminar effect!
May 23rd
Q: Seems this gets little respect, people call it the wrong name, and will even leave it behind, what is it?
A: One Cent piece/coin
May 20th-22nd
Q: More than 75,000 are made for America, Mostly. They are used by the dozens each time, exactly 108 every single time.
A: Baseballs!
May 15th-17th
Q: Only 3% take the extra effort mostly due to environmental concerns, it’s an investment in the future, and it offers flexibility, what is it?
A: Homeschooling!
May 13th-14th
Q: At least 35 Million Americans say would consider doing this, and over a quarter million already have, what is it?
A: Purchasing electric cars!
May 7th-11th
Q: At the heights we had about 405, now the average is less than 300, male and female, feathers, or fur, made of 3 main parts, so many varieties are available as well, what are they?
A: Eggs!
May 2nd-6th
Q: We all have some and some have more than others, it’s watched carefully,  A!!!  U!!! What is it?
A: Gold!
May 1st
Q: Though a handful are currently in the spotlight, there are well over 10,000, what are they?
A: Superheroes!
April 26th-30th
Q: Some are old, some are new, some are kept, others just borrowed. Some of the great ones arrived in the 1800’s, and the first major ones you could eat on and even drink from! What are they?
A: Trophies!
April 23rd
Q: They have been on the decline for decades, over 3% in just the past 7 years, They can be big or small, what are they?
A: Farms and Ranches!!
April 18th-22nd
Q: It’s the one, there are 2. but could be anything, and if you get picked, you could technically live here, what is it?
A: Air Force One!!
April 16th-17th
Q: At the beginning of the depression, this current billion dollar product cost a penny, what is it?
A: The Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!
April 15th
Q: Doing this is as good for you as 150 minutes of gardening per week, what is it?
A: Gardening!
April 12th
Q: Mondays are the best, Fridays are the worst to do this, what is it?
A: Buy gas!
April 10th-11th
Q: Much faster than a speeding bullet, Its out of this world! Wwhat is it?
A: The International Space Station!
April 7th-9th
Q: Though it has changed, it is still one of the most admired in the forest. What is it?
A: Pikes Peak!
April 5th
Q: The 27th was the 1st, so far 39th and 45th have not done this.
A: Throw out the ceremonial first pitch of baseballs opening day!
April 3rd-4th
Q: It’s a worldwide fad and since the 80’s its gone from rare to mainstream, it can actually be worse than better, what is it?
A: Veggie Burgers!
April 2nd
Q: He helped us see it, he helped us reach it, who was he?
A: Ben Franklin
March 28th-29th
Q: Before anyone can play, its gotta be cold. a dozen or more but can be split in half, what is it?
A: Hockey Pucks!
March 25th-27th
Q: They are everywhere, but we only see them when we are in a hurry and are only where you need them least. Now go back where you came from!
A: U-Turn
March 21st
Q: Known for them, scared of them.
A: Walt Disney
March 20th
Q: Not set in stone, today it takes half a billion.
A: Newspapers!
March 15th-19th
Q: Millennials will spend almost 15% more for this upgrade, they may even taste better, what is it?
A: Organic foods!
March 7th-14th
Q: Whats the little gold thing that comes from a magical place, 2012 to the bell? You got your standards and your exotics. Even a late night legend has supported them, but just so you know, they are for the bold. What am I?
A: Doritos!
March 6th
Q: Inspired by soldiers and around for nearly 80 years. What are they?
A; M&amp;MS!
March 4th-5th
Q: What have people been thinking about since the 1700’s but it just started to become a daily obsession for many people around 2013? You have to take them to count them, What are they?
A: Steps!
Feb 25th-March 1st
Q: It can inform, warm or make you sneeze, made in USA since 1901, 4 things, 1 name, spell it different, could be a person.paper white, what is it?
A: Kindle!!
Feb 20th
Q: You probably have about 7 of these, some people say you should freeze them. What are they?
A: Jeans!
Feb 15th-19th
Q: Many many years ago, it was invented with a single strike. Feathers, shells, wood, plastic even rubber. If you’re lucky, you might catch one. What is it?
A: Guitar pick
Feb 14th
Q: Jupiter and Venus are all part of this! What is it?
A: Cupid!
Feb 11th-13th
Q: Could be 1 or a dozen or more, there are many ways to do this, what is it?
A: Fish!
Feb 4th-8th
Q: In 2018, millions of people wanted to know how to do this. it’s often a relief. there’s a song about it! Really people, the singers name goes right along with it!  What is it?
Feb 1st-3rd
Q: It’s not clear but seems to be cut and dry. 133 times this has happened, it seems a bit repetitive.  What is it?
A: Groundhog Day!
Jan 26th-Jan 31st
Q: Billions of these are expelled each month, there are hundreds if not thousands of different kinds, ABC.
A: Sticks of gum!
Jan 25th-27th
Q: Under or  above, hard and soft, slowpoke! What are they?
A: Snails!
Jan 24th
Q: Your fingers have them, but your toes do not.
A: Tips!
Jan 17th-23rd
A: Recently on a decline, now more and more people are finding time to do this and it has its own language and it started in the 1400’s, four, what is it?
Jan 16th
Q: Women have traditionally dominated at this, but men are taking over, what is it?
A: Shopping!
Jan 14th-15th
Q: Their payload can help make a bang or provide goodness, not the major league kind. what is it?
A: Bats!
Jan 11th
Q: could be 8 feet, but stats off small, starts off light, also black and white.
A: Polar Bear
Jan 8th-10th
Q: First created by neanderthals and still enjoyed today. Today the options seem endless. Some pursue higher education, to others it just comes naturally. What is it?
A: Music
Jan 7th
Q: If you draw a dragon on a piece of paper, where is the dragon?
A: The Piece of paper!
Jan 4th
Q: They both appear to do the same thing but in very different ways
A: The sun and the moon!
Jan 2-3rd
Q: Red, white, blue and prickly. Also has 4 stages.
A: Frostbite!
December 20th
Q: First mandated in the early 1970’s, this will slow you down to help us all out. What was it?
A: Airport security!
December 19th
Q: Thousands of kinds, mostly on trees and shrubs, its really just a parasite, what is it?
A: Mistletoe!
December 17th-18th
Q: 125 years ago, this was unveiled to the country for the first time. The address is well known, What was it?
A: The White house Christmas Tree!
December 14th
Q: It floats, its also magic, many call dibs on it but one couple is most in charge. What is it?
A: The North Pole!
December 6th
Q: You have one  and probably don’t  know it! Most people take what they get! (Sort of a right of passage) and there are many varieties, if you don’t figure this out, it will DRIVE you nuts!
A: License Plate Number!
December 3rd
Q: There’s bad ones, good ones and the ones on top. Its usually black and white, not grey and its hard to break. What is it?
A: Habit!
November 29th
Q: A couple of different names, about 120 years old and it took an animal to get it going. You guessed the color yesterday! What is it!
A: School bus!
November 27th
Q: No matter how fast you go, this doesn’t change. A and B. What is it?
A: Distance!
November 26
Q: Its one of lives simple pleasures that anyone can enjoy but we only do it 15 times a year on average.
A: Change the bed sheets!
Nov 19th
Q: This time of year, its #1. It can be a style, method of preparation or a dance. What is it?
A: Mashed Potatoes!
Nov 15th-16th
Q: You have many of these, most go up, some down, a few sideways, they’re always around. What are they?
A: Keys!
Nov 14th
Q: One knight, a king and queen went out, later that evening, the king and queen came back. Who was missing?
A: The Knight!
Nov 7th-13th
Q: Colorado Springs recently ranked #3 best cities for Veterans, but Colorado also ranked #2 for this. This is the Rocky Mountains. Gravity. You have to look at it A LOT! This didn’t happen until after 2000. What is it?
A: Broken cell phone screen!
Nov 2nd-6th
Q: From as little as .50 to a couple of hundred, it still needs billions of pounds, it takes a lot of science and just makes scents, it can be gone quickly,  what is it?
A: A Candle!
Oct 30th-Nov 1
Q: This was first invented in the 1800’s, they are still improving them today and they can save you money! What are they?
A: Solar Panels!
Oct 25th
Q: There are lots of things to do at the place with 1292. Its suspenseful!
A: The Royal Gorge Bridge!
Oct 23rd-24th
Q: It will get you about 30 to 50 but 18 for sure, mostly for fun and games, sometimes for work. What is it?
A: A Golf Cart!
Oct 19th
Q: There’s a short supply, but its everywhere. What is it?
A: Sand
Oct 16th
Q: Required until the 1980’s, they are not always found where you would expect them. What are they?
A: Caboose
Oct 15th
Q: They are not recommended, but people use millions of them anyway, what are they?
A: Q-Tips
Oct 12th
Q: There are 156 reasons why not to do this.
A: Pikes Peak hill climb, 156 turns.
Oct 10th
Q: Some stand on their own, other’s wont; and most people are proud to fill it up.  What is it?
A: Ice Cream Cone
October 8th
Q: Normally found in large groups, you can feel it but you can’t touch it.  What is it?
A: Music note
October 3rd
Q: Most people have one or two, but might have to borrow one to use one. Increasing one thing, decreasing another. Cool it down or blow it up. What is it?
A: a Compressor
September 21st-
Q: Undercover, this man helped to tame a giant.
A: Minuteman Missile
September 19th-20th
Q: Constructed in the early 1900’s, less than 20 people have used it to “Get around”, If you have the chance to visit, you’ll unlikely get cornered, what is it?
A: The Oval Office!
September 17th-18th
Q: We lose half a billion of these annually, in fact there are well over 30,000 of these places worldwide to lose them, what are they?
A: Golf Balls!
September 12th-14th
Q: They don’t get the same choices but they have more options and they aren’t all human and they all have ID, no one really wants to be one either, who are they?
A: Hospital patients!
September 10th-11th
Q: There are lots of spin-offs of this North American native, it sprouts up around this time of year. what is it?
A: Pumpkin Pie!
September 4th-7th
Q: They are both fast and can make each other and both can lead the way, what are they?
A: Light and Electricity
August 31st
Q: At the same time the United States was founded, 3 different farm animals were the first to try this invention. What is it?
A: Hot Air Balloon
August 28th-30th
Q: 75 Million of these are processed daily and of the many steps, seeing the light is most important. We all contribute to it daily. What are they?
A: Waste Water
August 27th
Q: It’s the first of 118, what is it?
A: Hydrogen (Periodic table)
August 21st-24th KIDS QUESTION
Q: Springy little robot that eats, it belongs to the TTA, who is it?
A: Merc (from Miles from Tomorrow Land)
August 15th-20th
Q: He told him about it time and time again. A little reminder, the real person passed away in 1993 and was a fictional character. who is he?
A: Tattoo!
August 13th-14th
Q: More women than men have done this, nearly 20% of all Americans have done this in fact, and like a snowflake, 2 are never exactly the same. What is it?
A: Get a tattoo!
August 10th
Q: You and I are in charge of this, what is it?
A: Our attitude!
August 8th-9th
Wherever they are, they are not directional challenged, but hayyyy, its your mooooove. What are they?
A: Cows grazing!
August 3rd-7th
Q: No matter where we go, where we’ve been, where we live, we have all been down this highway. There are no traffic lights or road signs. Folk and even country singers know this highway well. What is it?
A: The highway of regret
August 2nd
Q: Founded in the late 1950’s, They have been sold out since 1970, what is it?
A: Denver Broncos
August 1st
Q: Nearly 40 years ago, 3 simple letters launched a multi billion dollar industry, what is it?
July 30th-31st
Q: 162 is the magic number, its also the maximum, they are also about 1/4 million less than the average.  What is it?
A: Tiny Houses
July 26th-27th
Q: In the 90’s this was initially more popular with women, soon a version for the fellas was released, recently it has made a bit of a resurgence in select locations. what was it?
A: Zima
July 25th
This mistake puts most people in a great mood, what is it?
A: Finding money in your pocket
July 20th-24th
Q: Its on the rise and some say it may change things as much as the microwave. They have even created a space to do it and requires you to think ahead. What is it?
A: Micro-shopping
July 18th-19th
Q: Men get blamed, but women have them too.
A: Mid-Life Crisis
July 17th
Q: First introduced to the American marketplace in the early 1930’s, the use is now nearly 1/4 trillion annually, they are also the most valuable item in an unlikely place. What are they?
A; Aluminum Cans
July 16th
Q: Over 40% of people do this when they are angry. What is it?
A: Eat Ice Cream
July 10th-14th
Q: They are portable to explore but they can also be used for storage. When you see them, it’s usually from far away. They help you get where you need to go. With a staff of at least 100, their job is to PUMP YOU UP! What are they?
A: Oil Rig/ Platform
July 6th-9th
Q: Since the 1920s one has led to the other and only in Colorado
A: The Girl Of The West
July 2nd
Q: Of all the different ones, they get you in easy. They are the ones that started it all. Who are they?
A: Ford – (key-less entry pad on drivers door)
June 29th
Q; 1 out of every 2 workers have done this. What is it?
A: Sleep on the job
June 27th
Q: You lose about 50% of these almost immediately  and they happen in stages. What are they?
A: Dreams
June 21st -26th
Q: These are oval or circle and they have no top. Some are dormant, some are very active even today. The old ones WOOD, some are stoned. People go there to get away.  What are they?
A: Amphitheater
June 19th-20th
Q: In the 1st century, The Roman Empire was first introduced to these. The USA is second only to Iran in production of these. What are they?
A: Pistachios
June 12th-18th
Q: Billions of these are discarded almost immediately. Many are the same size yet its identity changes often. They have been around since the 17th century but some say since the 15th century. You have to buy your own but people will give you theirs for free.   What are they?
A: Business Cards
June 11th
Q: You pay a lot for a little
A: Espresso
June 4th-8th
Q: Tool that many don’t have and many who do, don’t know it. It is the modern day bottle opener. It is used in wet or hot conditions. Its focused. It really gets to the point. What is it?
A: Window Punch/Breaker
May 26-31st
Q: My name is Native American and I’m usually not under a lot of pressure. I also have scales and everyone tries to keep an EYE on me. What am I?
A: Hurricane
May 23-25
Q: They can really get down but they can also really cruise, what are they?
A: Dolphins
May 22
Q: He used to take on enterprising adventures, now he can walk with you on the beach, who is he?
A: William Shatner
May 21
Q: 7 in 10 Millennial’s  would do this if their employer allowed, What is it?
A: Take a day off to care for an animal or pet
May 16
Q: Most have 7, some have 11, a few with 22, what are they?
A: Ladybugs
May 11- 15
Q: Once a natural thing, now more boisterous and incessant.  What is it?
A: Tweet
May 4 – 5, 2018
Q: You may feel it before you see it?
A: Paper Cut
April 30 – May 3, 2018
Q: It’s not the only one, but it’s the only one with one. What is it?
A:  Maine  (only state with one syllable)
April 27, 2018
Q: They are surprisingly helpful nuisance, what are they?
A: Dandelions

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