Impossible Question

Q: It goes up and it goes down as it gets bigger around! 

A: Hail Stones

Q: A shortage in the early 1900s made them popular every kid loves one big kids too! Nair a trace is left behind, 2 major types! 

A: Ice Cream Cone!

Q: In the early 80’s, people started pointlessly pointing them. It’s gotten smarter. 

A: Car Remote!

Q: The name might imply they are old-school, or even state of the art, but they are neither fancy or electronic. When you put it on, you’ll probably feel bad for laughing! The blank of Blank.

A: E-Collar!

 Q:You can’t see it but when you do, it’s not what it appears to be. It’s not hydrogen, but that’s a good start. It won’t look good on you, It’s totally fake

A: Hypocrisy!

Q: They’ve been looking into things since the 1800’s!

A: X-rays!

 Q: You’re gonna love it to the tune of over $20billion

A: Valentines day spending! 

Q: They’ve been going nowhere since the 1700’s, now more popular than ever, there was even one on the titanic! 

A: Stationary Bike! 

Q: In 2020 on average you added 30 of these to your life each month. 

A: Hours of screen time!

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