Impossible Questions!!

Q: She’s strong and lasted longer than expected!

A: Eiffel Tower!

Q: We are the only one in the kingdom who like it! There are many levels! 

A: Spice!

Q: It’s the largest one in the world!

A: Russia!

Q: It can make you sneeze and floats in the breeze!

A: Pollen!

Q: after 12 of these, we start over and do it again!

A: Months of the year!

Q: At over 3,000 years old, it was considered a high honor, Disney even pleaded for the leftovers! 

A: Bacon!

Q: In less than 50 years, we’ve gone from never doing this hundreds of times per day? 

A: Looking at our cell phones!

Q: 75% don’t but it could save your life, if you do if you do this, you just have to get up and undo it!

A: Sleep with the bedroom door closed!

Q: At 1%, It isn’t what it says it is, but its the best!

A: Olympic Gold Medal

Q: There are millions of varieties and it took less than 2 decades, available to nearly anyone, anywhere, bringing in about $1 Billion this year!

A: Podcasts!

Q: It came about in the early 1900’s but it wasn’t until the 60’s that they got the bugs out. From top to bottom, about 100 feet, iron is the reason for what you see.

A: Red Rocks Amphitheater!

Q: From the big screen along with the biggest stars, to the top in TV, He has dominated his field since the 80’s, you used to have to stand up to meet him, he’s always hungry! 

A: Pac-Man!

Q: You can be in or out, and you are one like it or not!

A: Shape!

Q: They use it to get it & you use it to get it to use it!

A: Gasoline!

Q: 4 out of 10 people say they need this, only about 11% of them plan to buy it, the time of the year can make a big difference, you can spend a little or spend a lot, in fact, it’s nearly $2,000 annually!

A: Buy new clothes!

Q: 2,000 in less than 5,000.

A: Manitou Incline!

Q: About 1/3 of us toss this into the mix, at the beginning or the end.

A: Fabric softener!

Q: Americans are doing this more now than anytime in the past 20 years, some people get creative with it!

A: Quitting a job!

Q: From 12 to 74, they have been around for 3,000 years or more!

A: The written alphabet!

Q: It will take 2 million to be in the top for a day.

A: Top TikTok Advertiser!

Q: At over 20,000 pounds, this one is the one for the one.

A: Presidential Limo!

Q: This year its expected to be a record at over 20 Billion this year it could be a tie!

A: Fathers day spending!

Q: Short, old and very bold, for us to see, the gas is key!

A: The Constitution!

Q: They are not very good listeners, but they hear everything, they are everywhere, and they don’t even have to be real to use one!

A: Microphones

Q: Overall this practice is up and 1/3 of people are getting more bold about it, good on the go, thousands of options, good for you until it’s not!

A: Snacking!

A: Starting in the UK in the early 1600’s, now 80% are underground and is worth $200 billion annually!

A: Bottled water!

Q: Not from the earth but now all over the earth.

A: Cryptocurrency!

Q: The Mid 60’s started with just a few, last year was nearly 1 billion? Some are very passionate about these, like Johnny. Others are repulsed, like Dave!

A: Chicken wings!

Q: They came about 100 years ago to make the world a safer place, more convenient too! 3,000 per year!

A: Paper Towels!

Q: Many of these have gotten smaller over the past year, there are secret ones!

A: Restaurant menus!

Q: It was sign a wealth, but now it just means you’ve gone around again! 

A: Birthday cake

Q: North America has 1 million of them plus or minus.

A: Elk!

Q: They first arrived in the 40’s but were ramped up in the 70’s, with the military in mind, we all use them. About 3 minutes!

A: Drive-thru window!

Q: Beginning in the late 1700’s, its more popular after this last year than ever, it goes bump in the night, milk it for all its worth! 

A: Milk delivery!

Q: 6 Decades ago there was one, as of today there’s been close to 600.

A: People in space!

Q: You probably use too much of this, but it only costs about $10 a year!

A: Toothpaste!

Q: It’s been getting the word out since the days of the horse and buggy, in the 20’s it took 6 minutes, by the 70’s, only 3!

A: Fax machine!!

Q: First appeared in the 1860’s and it was a rare site then, not so much now and the biggest on the block, lots of nicknames, over 10 billion bifocals! 

A: The $100 bill!

Q: The first one came by in the late 1800’s and they are more popular than ever!

A: Electric Car

Q: Up or down, generally all around, 37 degrees is most comfortable for this, there is about a dozen steps to complete it.

A: Angle of a staircase!

Q: This piece of moveable art has sold almost a half billion copies.

A: Rubix Cube!

Q: It’s about 3 1/2 feet tall and roughly 20 pounds, hard to create, easy to loose, ribbon and thread?

A: $1,000,000 in $100 dollar bills!

Q: What gets wetter as it dries?

A: A towel!

Q: Pharmacist recommended 3 times daily! 23.

A: Dr. Pepper!

Q: They are really fast and generate a lot of heat!

A:  Hummingbird!

Q: You’ll get into 4 of these before all is said and done!

A: Car Accidents!

Q: People have been tipping them up, swinging it out and spinning it around since 1836

A: Revolver!

Q: Millions have seen it, and while its still there, you can’t see it now 

A: USAFA Chapel!

Q: Going back 8 generations, it’s the lowest in its family, it’s bigger than the name says it is, 12 to 18 feet long and its hard to hold!?

A: Tuba!

Q: Black or white, tall and small, loves to climb!

A: Aspen trees!

Q: This is the fastest diet!


Q: People will spend 6 months of their lives waiting for this!

A: Green light!

Q: It goes up and it goes down as it gets bigger around! 

A: Hail Stones

Q: A shortage in the early 1900s made them popular every kid loves one big kids too! Nair a trace is left behind, 2 major types! 

A: Ice Cream Cone!

Q: In the early 80’s, people started pointlessly pointing them. It’s gotten smarter. 

A: Car Remote!

Q: The name might imply they are old-school, or even state of the art, but they are neither fancy or electronic. When you put it on, you’ll probably feel bad for laughing! The blank of Blank.

A: E-Collar!

Q:You can’t see it but when you do, it’s not what it appears to be. It’s not hydrogen, but that’s a good start. It won’t look good on you, It’s totally fake

A: Hypocrisy!


Q: They’ve been looking into things since the 1800’s

A: X-rays!

Q: You’re gonna love it to the tune of over $20billion

A: Valentines day spending! 

Q: They’ve been going nowhere since the 1700’s, now more popular than ever, there was even one on the titanic! 

A: Stationary Bike! 

Q: In 2020 on average you added 30 of these to your life each month. 

A: Hours of screen time!