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Impossible Question Archives

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December 6th

Q: You have one  and probably don't  know it! Most people take what they get! (Sort of a right of passage) and there are many varieties, if you don't figure this out, it will DRIVE you nuts!

A: License Plate Number!

December 3rd

Q: There's bad ones, good ones and the ones on top. Its usually black and white, not grey and its hard to break. What is it?

A: Habit!

November 29th

Q: A couple of different names, about 120 years old and it took an animal to get it going. You guessed the color yesterday! What is it! 

A: School bus!

November 27th

Q: No matter how fast you go, this doesn't change. A and B. What is it?

A: Distance!

November 26

Q: Its one of lives simple pleasures that anyone can enjoy but we only do it 15 times a year on average. 

A: Change the bed sheets! 

Nov 19th

Q: This time of year, its #1. It can be a style, method of preparation or a dance. What is it?

A: Mashed Potatoes! 

Nov 15th-16th

Q: You have many of these, most go up, some down, a few sideways, they're always around. What are they?

A: Keys!

Nov 14th

Q: One knight, a king and queen went out, later that evening, the king and queen came back. Who was missing?

A: The Knight!

Nov 7th-13th

Q: Colorado Springs recently ranked #3 best cities for Veterans, but Colorado also ranked #2 for this. This is the Rocky Mountains. Gravity. You have to look at it A LOT! This didn't happen until after 2000. What is it?

A: Broken cell phone screen!

Nov 2nd-6th

Q: From as little as .50 to a couple of hundred, it still needs billions of pounds, it takes a lot of science and just makes scents, it can be gone quickly,  what is it? 

A: A Candle!

Oct 30th-Nov 1

Q: This was first invented in the 1800's, they are still improving them today and they can save you money! What are they?

A: Solar Panels!

Oct 25th 

Q: There are lots of things to do at the place with 1292. Its suspenseful!

A: The Royal Gorge Bridge! 

Oct 23rd-24th

Q: It will get you about 30 to 50 but 18 for sure, mostly for fun and games, sometimes for work. What is it?

A: A Golf Cart!

Oct 19th

Q: There's a short supply, but its everywhere. What is it?

A: Sand

Oct 16th

Q: Required until the 1980's, they are not always found where you would expect them. What are they? 

 A: Caboose

Oct 15th

Q: They are not recommended, but people use millions of them anyway, what are they? 

A: Q-Tips

Oct 12th

Q: There are 156 reasons why not to do this.

A: Pikes Peak hill climb, 156 turns.

Oct 10th

Q: Some stand on their own, other's wont; and most people are proud to fill it up.  What is it?

A: Ice Cream Cone

October 8th

Q: Normally found in large groups, you can feel it but you can't touch it.  What is it?

A: Music note

October 3rd

Q: Most people have one or two, but might have to borrow one to use one. Increasing one thing, decreasing another. Cool it down or blow it up. What is it? 

A: a Compressor

September 21st-

Q: Undercover, this man helped to tame a giant.

A: Minuteman Missile

September 19th-20th

Q: Constructed in the early 1900's, less than 20 people have used it to "Get around", If you have the chance to visit, you'll unlikely get cornered, what is it? 

A: The Oval Office!

September 17th-18th

Q: We lose half a billion of these annually, in fact there are well over 30,000 of these places worldwide to lose them, what are they?

A: Golf Balls!

September 12th-14th

Q: They don't get the same choices but they have more options and they aren't all human and they all have ID, no one really wants to be one either, who are they?

A: Hospital patients!

September 10th-11th

Q: There are lots of spin-offs of this North American native, it sprouts up around this time of year. what is it?

A: Pumpkin Pie!

September 4th-7th

Q: They are both fast and can make each other and both can lead the way, what are they?

A: Light and Electricity 

August 31st

Q: At the same time the United States was founded, 3 different farm animals were the first to try this invention. What is it? 

A: Hot Air Balloon

August 28th-30th

Q: 75 Million of these are processed daily and of the many steps, seeing the light is most important. We all contribute to it daily. What are they? 

A: Waste Water

August 27th

Q: It's the first of 118, what is it?

A: Hydrogen (Periodic table)

August 21st-24th KIDS QUESTION

Q: Springy little robot that eats, it belongs to the TTA, who is it?

A: Merc (from Miles from Tomorrow Land)

August 15th-20th

Q: He told him about it time and time again. A little reminder, the real person passed away in 1993 and was a fictional character. who is he?  

A: Tattoo!

August 13th-14th

Q: More women than men have done this, nearly 20% of all Americans have done this in fact, and like a snowflake, 2 are never exactly the same. What is it?

A: Get a tattoo!

August 10th

Q: You and I are in charge of this, what is it? 

A: Our attitude!

August 8th-9th

Wherever they are, they are not directional challenged, but hayyyy, its your mooooove. What are they?

A: Cows grazing!

August 3rd-7th

Q: No matter where we go, where we've been, where we live, we have all been down this highway. There are no traffic lights or road signs. Folk and even country singers know this highway well. What is it? 

A: The highway of regret

August 2nd

Q: Founded in the late 1950's, They have been sold out since 1970, what is it?

A: Denver Broncos

August 1st

Q: Nearly 40 years ago, 3 simple letters launched a multi billion dollar industry, what is it?


July 30th-31st

Q: 162 is the magic number, its also the maximum, they are also about 1/4 million less than the average.  What is it? 

A: Tiny Houses

July 26th-27th

Q: In the 90's this was initially more popular with women, soon a version for the fellas was released, recently it has made a bit of a resurgence in select locations. what was it? 

A: Zima

July 25th

This mistake puts most people in a great mood, what is it? 

A: Finding money in your pocket

July 20th-24th

Q: Its on the rise and some say it may change things as much as the microwave. They have even created a space to do it and requires you to think ahead. What is it?

A: Micro-shopping

July 18th-19th

Q: Men get blamed, but women have them too. 

A: Mid-Life Crisis

July 17th

Q: First introduced to the American marketplace in the early 1930's, the use is now nearly 1/4 trillion annually, they are also the most valuable item in an unlikely place. What are they?

A; Aluminum Cans

July 16th

Q: Over 40% of people do this when they are angry. What is it?

A: Eat Ice Cream

July 10th-14th

Q: They are portable to explore but they can also be used for storage. When you see them, it's usually from far away. They help you get where you need to go. With a staff of at least 100, their job is to PUMP YOU UP! What are they? 

A: Oil Rig/ Platform

July 6th-9th

Q: Since the 1920s one has led to the other and only in Colorado

A: The Girl Of The West

July 2nd

Q: Of all the different ones, they get you in easy. They are the ones that started it all. Who are they? 

A: Ford - (key-less entry pad on drivers door)

June 29th

Q; 1 out of every 2 workers have done this. What is it? 

A: Sleep on the job

June 27th

Q: You lose about 50% of these almost immediately  and they happen in stages. What are they? 

A: Dreams

June 21st -26th

Q: These are oval or circle and they have no top. Some are dormant, some are very active even today. The old ones WOOD, some are stoned. People go there to get away.  What are they?

A: Amphitheater 

June 19th-20th

Q: In the 1st century, The Roman Empire was first introduced to these. The USA is second only to Iran in production of these. What are they? 

A: Pistachios 

June 12th-18th

Q: Billions of these are discarded almost immediately. Many are the same size yet its identity changes often. They have been around since the 17th century but some say since the 15th century. You have to buy your own but people will give you theirs for free.   What are they? 

A: Business Cards

June 11th

Q: You pay a lot for a little

A: Espresso

June 4th-8th

Q: Tool that many don't have and many who do, don't know it. It is the modern day bottle opener. It is used in wet or hot conditions. Its focused. It really gets to the point. What is it? 

A: Window Punch/Breaker

May 26-31st

Q: My name is Native American and I'm usually not under a lot of pressure. I also have scales and everyone tries to keep an EYE on me. What am I?

A: Hurricane

May 23-25

Q: They can really get down but they can also really cruise, what are they?

A: Dolphins

May 22

Q: He used to take on enterprising adventures, now he can walk with you on the beach, who is he?

A: William Shatner

May 21

Q: 7 in 10 Millennial's  would do this if their employer allowed, What is it? 

A: Take a day off to care for an animal or pet

May 16

Q: Most have 7, some have 11, a few with 22, what are they?

A: Ladybugs

May 11- 15

Q: Once a natural thing, now more boisterous and incessant.  What is it?

A: Tweet

May 4 - 5, 2018

Q: You may feel it before you see it?

A: Paper Cut

April 30 - May 3, 2018

Q: It's not the only one, but it's the only one with one. What is it?

A:  Maine  (only state with one syllable)

April 27, 2018

Q: They are surprisingly helpful nuisance, what are they?

A: Dandelions

April 24-26, 2018

Q: They are sticky or dangerous, but not usually both, what are they?

A: Bear Claws

April 23, 2018 

Q: Tools, tastes, and tones. What is it? 

A. Pallet/Palate/Palette

April 19-20, 2018

Q: In both cases, they're at the end. What is it? 

A: An appendix 

April 18, 2018

Q: It's like an oily preserve. What is it?

A: Petroleum jelly

April 13, 2018

Q: It's edible, except the green kind. What is it?

A: Dough

April 12, 2018

Q: It's just what it sounds like. What is it?

A: Onomatopoeia

April 9-11, 2018

Q: No one's ever seen it, but we know what color it is. What is it?

A: The Golden Rule

April 5, 2018

Q: I might be a Teddy Bear, but I'm not stuffed. What am I?

A: A hamster 

April 4, 2018

Q: You hear it because of its hard tongue. What is it?

A: A bell